Gruppo Arata - Crema di Ricotta Siciliana

Always good. All year long.

Climate, pasture grass and above all natural and physical times of every animal are fundamental elements for the quality of the final product. Ricotta is a seasonal product, it is made in a precise period of the year.

Ricotta cream is frozen, in a professional way, once it is made, when it is highly fresh and without losing its organoleptic and nutritional features.

The process of controlled chain guarantees constant checks with strict quality protocols. Thus, in every moment of the year, you can be sure to use a safe, controlled, seasonal product.
As good as just made.


Made by professionals to professionals

Ricotta cream is chosen every day by notorious chefs, prestigious patissiers but even restaurant and hotel owners.
From Milan to Tokyo, from London to New York you can always find the authentic Sicilian flavour.
"Arata Ricotta Cream is a simple Sicily-tasting ingredient. My philosophy in the kitchen."

Filippo La Mantia
Oste e cuoco

"I love my land and its products. Arata Ricotta Cream represents Sicily and its traditions in cuisine art."

Lino Sauro
Executive chef

Ask for a free tasting

Ask for a free tasting


From the tradition of cannolo and cassata, to the attracting taste of ice-cream, and in the fusion cuisine of plates matching classical rules and new patisserie canon. Ricotta cream is very versatile. Discover how to exalt every preparation.
Who we are

A good tasting story

We started here, in a village in the Madonie, where everything tastes good. Our cousins created a high-quality ricotta cream to make the town “sweeter” and artisans happy. 20 years have now passed: we started using new technologies without losing our craftsmanship, we’ve grown up and achieved goals in all the ways of the world, without ever leaving our sunny pastures, caressed by the mountain breeze.